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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Do You Do When You disagree?

My husband and I are both total opposites. He is religious, I am not. He has conservative views, I do not. And as we speak tonight on yahoo! messenger, while he is in Iraq, we are having a political disagreement. He calls me his little "hippy". With the views that I have, I have no idea how I ended up an Army Wife, or much less married to a republican. I have no issues with people with other views than I do, but I have noticed that when I express those views I am told I am "wrong". That being said, the topic was brought up of the Mosque being built near "Ground Zero" in NYC. I informed him that I have heard about the plan and that I feel its inappropriate, but that doesnt matter. Its legal. Plain and simple. The city approved the plans. It will upset a lot of people, but here's where I get confused. It seems to me a lot of people in this country are quick to judge ALL muslims. The US was founded upon Freedom of Religion, and no official religion has ever been declared. There are radicals in every faith, Christianity, Judism, etc, but no one says "oh they are awful people." There are of course the select few groups that hate anyone different than themselves. That being said, the Muslims I have met, are nice people. Quiet and respectful, and just trying to make a better life for themselves. The radical muslims, are like radicals of any group, and there are few. I think that the construction of a mosque is inappropriate in the proposed area. That being said, its not like those who worship there are going to get any peace beacuse of those who I am sure will be protesting will in a sense be terrorizing those who worship. And tell me, how does that make them any better?

"There is no way to peace, peace is the way" - AJ Muste

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